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Please Read! Form submission information.
« on: July 08, 2008, 07:25:21 PM »
I have created a basic form for submitting a new Project.  If you have an idea for a cool project we should work on copy for form info below and PM it to me.

Code: [Select]
Your Real Name:

User Name:

Today's Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Suggested program name:

Detailed Description:

Future hopes for project:

Supported Platforms:

License Type:

Please be as detailed as possible with this form.  Once we have looked over the form, spoken to you (if we have questions), and decided to take up the project you will be asked what information you want published for public viewing.  Also If you are currently not a developer with us we will talk to you about becoming one.

Please do NOT submit this information in the forum!  Please only reply to this topic if you have questions about the form. If you just want to becond a developer please read the 'Want to become a developer' board.